Sony Xperia E3 - Navigating applications

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Navigating applications

You can navigate between applications using the navigation keys, the favorites bar, the

quick launch apps feature, and the recently used applications window, which lets you

switch easily between all recently used applications. Some applications are closed when

you press to exit while others continue to run in the background or pause. If the

application is paused or runs in the background, you can continue where you left off the

next time you open the application.


Recently used applications window – Open a recently used application


Favorites bar – Open a shortcut for applications or widgets


Task navigation key – Open the recently used applications window and the small apps bar


Home navigation key – Exit an application and go back to the Homescreen


Back navigation key – Go back to the previous screen within an application or close the application

To open the recently used applications window

Press .

To close all the recently used applications

Tap and then tap

Close all.

To open a menu in an application

While using the application, press .

A menu is not available in all applications.


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