Sony Xperia E3 - General camera settings

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General camera settings

Capturing mode settings overview

Auto Scene Recognition

Optimize your settings to suit any scene.


Adjust camera settings manually.

AR effect

Take photos with virtual scenes and characters.

Creative effect

Apply effects to photos or videos.

Timeshift burst

Find the best photo from a burst of images.

Social live

Broadcast live video to Facebook™.

Sweep Panorama

Use this setting to take wide-angle, panoramic photos. Just tap the screen and move the camera

steadily from one side to the other.

Auto scene recognition

Auto scene recognition mode detects the conditions you are shooting in and

automatically adjusts the settings to ensure that you take the best photo possible.

Manual mode

Use Manual mode when you want to manually adjust your camera settings for photos

and videos.

AR effect

You can apply AR (augmented reality) effects to your photos and make them more fun.

This setting lets you integrate 3D scenes into your photos as you take them. Just select

the scene you want and adjust its position in the viewfinder.

Creative effect

You can apply different effects on your photos or videos. Add a Nostalgic effect to make

photos look older, or a Sketch effect for a more fun image.

Timeshift burst

The camera takes a burst of 31 photos in a window of two seconds – one second before

and after you press the camera key. So you can go back and find the perfect image.

Social live

Social live is a camera shooting mode that lets you stream video live to your Facebook™

page. You just need to have an active internet connection and be logged into

Facebook™. Videos can be up to 10 minutes long.

Quick launch

Use Quick launch settings to launch the camera when the screen is locked.


Tag photos with details of where you took them.


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Touch capture

Identify a focus area, and then touch the camera screen with your finger. The photo is

taken as soon as you release your finger.

Data storage

You can choose to save your data either to a removable SD card or to your device's

internal storage.

Internal storage

Photos or videos are saved on the device memory.

SD card

Photos or videos are saved on the SD card.

White balance

This function adjusts the color balance according to the lighting conditions. The white

balance setting icon is available on the camera screen.


Adjusts the color balance automatically to suit the lighting conditions.


Adjusts the color balance for warm lighting conditions, such as under light bulbs.


Adjusts the color balance for fluorescent lighting.


Adjusts the color balance for sunny outdoor conditions.


Adjusts the color balance for a cloudy sky.

This setting is only available in

Manual capturing mode.